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14 May 2014 20:36:33
So also hearing if poch stays he is targetting leandro damiao. he was targetted last summer but didn't want to leave so we got osvaldo but that didn't work out so damiao is still a target. Only something heard going around so thought i'd share what I heard 

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Leandro Damiao has rather recently joined Santos (when I say recently I mean December but he signed a 5 year deal so unlikely to move this summer). Sorry but whoever created that one was having you on. Thanks for sharing none the less.

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Leandro has had problems settling in there due to the fans not taking to him as he played for a rival. So completely beyond the realms of possibility.

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I'd prefer Ings or lukaku Coyr. Keep poch and players and sign some decent players

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18 May 2014 20:51:45
So also hearing if poch stays test

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14 May 2014 18:53:37
Rumours flying around! Today that poch has seen the contract offered by saints and is happy with it.
Fingers crosses

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Where are these rumours flying around because I haven't heard any

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You haven't been looking up at the sky enough St hank.

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Shope so and I just hope its sorted soon

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14 May 2014 12:20:40
After watching both the legs of the play off semi finals, an exciting player who could replace lallana if he goes is Will Hughes. He seems to love running at defences and caused the Brighton full backs a lot of trouble

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He's class and would cost a lot

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He would be a great signing, different type of player to Lallana I think I'm right in saying but would be a great option!

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I can't say I've seen much of him but he would definitely suit our style of play and still only 19 easily one for the future

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If you haven't seen much of him, a) why bother commenting and b) why do you think he'd suit our style?

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14 May 2014 12:13:51
With adidas and Southampton terminating their kit contract, anyone have any news regarding a new supplier?

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Yes, it is Veho. Was in paper a few days ago.

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As the papers have sold the whole team we don't need one! And our perilous financial state means we will play in "skins" if we can get a team together.

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LOL Psyco Saint! Veho is the main shirt sponsor, they are into gadgets, mainly bluetooth speakers and they don't make football kits.

Obviously adidas will not be making our new kit for next season so I suspect it maybe some one like Nike

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Oops, sorry, thought he meant sponsers! I thought he put Adidas instead of AAP!

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Ed have u heard who are new kit manufacturer is?

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{Ed002's Note - I really have no interest in such matters.}

Adidas decided to withdraw after shirt sales were much lower than expected in the early stages of this season. Southampton have been speaking to a few different potential new suppliers to take over with Umbro looking most likely, but a lot is left to be discussed due to the late cancellation of the old deal.

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Not sure where some of you are getting information from. Have on decent authority that the decision to discontinue was Corteses and that he had good reason to do so. This was decided in December but there have been positive adidas talks in the last few months but not in time for this season. Understand the kit maker this year will be known but not a big big name

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Maybe if they made red and white striped shirts then they would sold more. How does everybody know that Adidas have pulled the plug? cheers

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Just saw it on offically site, heard the new kit will be done by Puma

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The reason Cortese and Adidas fell out was due to them bringing out a winter training kit. He was against this as he felt it was unnecessary and was just another way to take fans money so once they did this he cancelled the contract. Obviously the club opened fresh talks with them once he'd left but weren't able to fix the problem for this year. Expect a small company to produce a simple kit this season with Adidas back for the following season.

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Its not puma this season

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