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21 Dec 2019 17:44:04
Pointed out a few weeks ago that we should be targeting the next five games, looking for 10 points, but probably only getting 6-8 and needing to get out of the relegation zone.

9 points and 3 clear of safety I will take for sure. If Danny stays fit we will be fine.

Bar an Antonio performance and just a poor half against Newcastle, obviously we are still shaky when leading but the fact that we are leading so often is a maddive plus - beating the three teams below us is huge.

We now have a settled back line, McCarthy and Stephens playing well, Long still not clinical but causing problems are Ings, JWP and our tricky wingers off the bench giving us a multi-faceted threat. A full back/ versatile defender (would have loved Jedvaj) in January and an AM maybe is what I think is realistic, but we mustn't splurge heavily.

With Villa, Bournemouth and Brighton now dropping like stones, were right in amongst things and if we can continue to pick up points and not go on any losing runs to February we're well placed.

che CRY TOT lei WOL cry liv in that run - hopefully muster 6 points and leave us on 24 with 14 games to go and a kind run in wouldn't look too bad.

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14 Dec 2019 19:45:59
Just watched our latest loss, what is wrong with our defenders couldn't handle Antonio all game, saved from a heavier defeat by bar, feel sorry for ings when is he going to get some quality support.

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14 Dec 2019 21:30:20
There just doesn't seem to be anyone willing to make a through pass, or have a shot from distance (for the chance/ threat of being booed or jeered) - The players are not performing, but isn't that the job of the manager to turn around?

I'm starting to wonder whether Ralph's ideas are not suited to the Prem or possibly just our team - If the board ever decided to make a change, they could do a lot worse than Garry Monk with James Beattie as his assistant (#SaintsDreamTeam)

14 Dec 2019 23:23:30
Redmond today almost single handedly lost us the first half! he was awful! he held the ball too long, his distribution was awful, he slowed the play down, he gave the ball away, he didn't track back, he was ball watching for long periods! it's time he was sent out on loan to rediscover his form - he couldn't dribble past a lamppost!

Ok the rest . Hoejbjerg was terrible! his passing, his positional play, his distribution, Not sure he's had a good game in a while]

JWP definitely prefers the number 10 role and plays much better in that role.

The defence . they bullied the two CB's . and they won the fight. We needed Vestergaard out there and he should have been brought on to add some height and strength.

Why was Djenepo on the right when moved to the left much more dangerous.

Ings and Long - still believe that is a good partnership.

We need Boufal back - adds another dimension

Romeu was good today, much more dynamic, much more positive,

Yes we were caught on the break several times - 8/ 10 were due to terrible distribution/ caught in possession .
2/ 10 was due to good play by WHU

So where does that leave us. When we play to win we are much better. Redmond has to be dropped now. What is the point of having Long running around at great speed waiting for balls, Ings taking up great positions . if no one is going to pass to them!

Djenepo on the left, Boufal anywhere you like . Ings and Long up front getting service .

play Yoshida . better reader of the game, more aggression, better passer and tackler .

16 Dec 2019 21:07:31
Think a lot of the problem in defence are two full back who go forward but have to wait for the bus to get back. Would have defenders in defence.

17 Dec 2019 22:26:56
Listen Up Ralph! Saints supporters suggested team/ s to face Villa are on the money. Have You GOT THE BALLS this time? Good Luck now and 2020! Keep On Marching.

13 Dec 2019 13:39:01
We need to really get behind the team, must win v West ham or changes may be needed,bad substitutions against Newcastle we should have put another defender on when it went to 1-1, also what's Adams supposed to do when he is only given 5 minutes

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14 Dec 2019 19:46:51
Why is it that we only start playing with 5 minutes left to play! Again we started the game far too slowly. No through balls, No movement, No chances created. No confidence!

24 Nov 2019 00:15:02
Another two points drift from our hands, but even as stoppage time approached there wasn't a shred of me that was nervous, I just knew we weren't going to win.

Sure I'd have taken the point before the game and the performance was good, dare I say acceptable, but it can't keep happening can it.

I think the thing that struck me most was at full time - regardless of the situation Arsenal and Emery are in - we are now a team so poor that the opposition fans boo when their side can't beat us at home. We hammered Arsenal 4-0 a few years ago. But we are now considered THAT bad. Rightly so. But that really got to me today.

Anyway. Watford up next. We all know what is needed. Norwich after that. Again we know what is needed. Everton may well be getting a new manager bounce soon because they're much better than Silva is making them out to be. Villa take on Newcastle tomorrow. Suddenly we will begin to look a lot more adrift than the table belies. Hence why the next two games are so so important.

A stat I found out today which I find as worrying as it is remarkable is that since Moussa scored his wonderful at Bramall Lane on SEPTEMBER 14TH, only Ings and Ward-Prowse have scored in the league for us. And considering how poor Ward-Prowse has been, I at least see now why Ralph can't drop him. That really is worrying.

I was at least happy with the set up today, wasn't happy leaving our life wires on the bench but it worked well against that Arsenal back line - we need to get Djenepo and Boufal involved from the start in the next two games, we can't be playing five at the back and inviting them onto us. But it did at least seem more like a Ralph performance so overall I'm probably moderately satisfied.

Away from the game, I will need some intel from one of you guys or maybe an Ed about these murmurings surrounding a Red Bull takeover akin to what happened at Leipzig? Is this a majority shareholder attempt if true and what on Earth is the plan!? Much obliged.

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24 Nov 2019 18:39:20
I’ve heard the red bull rumour aswell
And to be fare if Christian Horner wants to play in the centre of defence he’s welcome to it
I’ve already ear marked vestappen up front due to his Aggression I think he will do well
If anything red bull will give us wings
Sorry had to write this.

24 Nov 2019 18:56:40
In reply, reality is that Arsenal would score some when. Not (for a very long time) because we were awful and going to make a mistake, but simply the quality of some of Arsenals' players. We only drew because we failed to take our chances, simple as that. I think they were booing because we absolutely made them look second rate, we out fought them, out played them. We were superb and out inter play, passing, crispness was superb, at times breathtaking!

The removal of Romeu from midfield was like releasing us from chains. In stead of slow play, negative passing, poor man marking . we were dynamic, fast, clever . and a joy to watch!

I actually HOPE RH sticks to the 4 at the back and keeps Armstrong in midfield. There was always doubt about Djenepo and Boufal playing due to travel/ international commitments. But when they were introduced, Arsenal were run ragged. To be honest, I think RH should have kept one on the bench and strengthened the back/ midfield. We didn't need both on as we were winning at that point.

24 Nov 2019 19:00:13
As for takeover . any takeover is better than what we have.
A lot of criticism is aimed at Kat L but come on, her father dies and she takes on a football club - just maybe she wanted to mourn.
She has kept 20% (i think) but I am sure she is disappointed with the lack of 'visibility' by the new owner!
Bring back Nicola Cortese :-)

13 Nov 2019 11:34:07
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Bring back Jose Fonte for rest of season to shore up the defence alongside Cedric Soares. Make Jose captain. we need a leader and organiser to marshall the team. something that's missing at the moment.
Bring in younger legs alongside him in the shape of Ben Gibson from Burnley. finally have a word with Ryan Bertrand. play him at left back. he is paid good money . tell him to pull his finger out.
Leave McCarthy in goal he is fine and and has plenty of experience.
Play Romeo and PEH in front of defence. now that should solve our defensive issues😂.

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10 Nov 2019 00:02:25
ok it's statistics time, and these have shocked me .
2018/ 2019 and 2019/ 2020 seasons
Romeu 43 0
JWP 38 0
PEH 42 3 (0 this season)

so our midfield are not only slow, can't tackle, they have provided ZERO assists this season . and only 3 over two seasons .

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11 Nov 2019 15:23:04
I think it's a bit harsh to judge Romeu based on his assist rate as he is a defensive midfielder that doesn't get forward. JWP on the other hand should have assists next to his name as our primary set piece 'specialist' - although he barely gets the ball passed the first man from corners.

Looking at our overall assists from the first team, no one really adds anything in this field. There is no standout player that has got near 10 assists over the past 2 seasons.

Redmond - 4 assists last season, 0 this year
Ings - 3 assists last season, 0 this year

We are definitely missing a creative head in midfield, but we need a composed CM that can break up play with a composed head and move the ball forward, sort of like Schneiderlin.

12 Nov 2019 16:25:52
just to add Sofiane Boufal : 2 assists in 4 1/ 2 games!
The name that sprang to mind with a 'composed head and move the ball forward' . STEVE DAVIS . worked his socks off, has great awareness on the pitch, always looking for the forward pass!
Oh we sold him .
there must be a free agent out there somewhere we can sign ASAP.

13 Nov 2019 08:34:17
I agree Rich, Boufal is probably our most creative player, even though he is wasteful, he gets in good positions on the pitch and is unpredictable. I feel he should be getting more game time than he has been.

RH needs to use the international break to regroup and go back to the basics. If he wants to use his 4-2-2-2 he needs to drill this into the squad. Setting up to defensive does nothing for us. If we utilise and use the 4-2-2-2 formation correctly and press as a squad of players we will create chances. At the moment we are just sitting back and waiting for the opportunity, we need to start getting into the faces of our opponents. Pressing up top will relieve pressure from our defensive, if our defensive shape is good enough then other teams will struggle to break us down.

14 Nov 2019 00:00:59
I agree with you saintjay . but . pressing is all well and good if when you don't have the ball you can defend/ tackle . and most importantly get the ball back!
I think, like me, you have realised that our midfield is a huge part of the problem. Pressing is good and i love to see it, but let's say we press and yet again one of those stupid 'give away' passes. the opposition are bearing down on us .
our midfield . JWP can't tackle, can't track back quick enough . he's out of the game. Same for Romeu!
So now the opposition have in effect run straight through us .

Sound familiar? Leicester .

there has to be some free agents out there we are allowed to sign now!

More worryingly Ralph has not be sacked . so that means they believe in him? are they watching different games to us? they way he sets up, the way he changes things, his substitutions . his lack of tactical know how . ie 3-1 down playing awful, being over run . no changes til 70+ minutes .

ok so Ralph not sacked . so they believe in him .
so they must think it's the players . well what you going to do about it SFC!

14 Nov 2019 23:05:51
If we keep with Ralph they have got to provide him with new faces to fit his formation. At the moment drop those who are not performing - Redmond, Bertrand, Vestergard, PEH and JWP. Bring in Vokins, Boufal, Stephens or Yosh, Slattery and Adams. Back in the day Lawrie Mc would have signed Cahill and Toure on frees for decent wages to bring experience to the squad, help in training too. We now need to sign either the best in youth or pay over the top for quality to add. Having said that Ya Ya is still available!

27 Oct 2019 23:17:42
Finally some good news. Friday's earnings of all players and coaches have been donated to the Saints Foundation.

And they've been in at Staplewood over the weekend.

At least they've got the message.

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28 Oct 2019 12:43:54
I think that it should have been the whole weeks wages after the debacle of Friday night.

14 Oct 2019 10:33:56
Ross Wilson has left for Rangers.

Does that count as another Liverpool steal for Gerrard?

Hope we have someone else lined up who can rekindle the black box magic or January could be another slog 😬.

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14 Oct 2019 20:35:26
Hi Saint, Rangers fan, in peace.
How highly do you guys rate Wilson and how do you think he will perform on a limited budget?

15 Oct 2019 14:55:12
i think he would do very well on a limited budget especially if he involves the black box theory. most of our bad buys are when we have spent big.

15 Oct 2019 18:34:36
Seconded - don’t give him big money and you’ll be fine!

30 Sep 2019 15:56:38
Not posted for a while, but thought i would share my thoughts on RH.
I am starting to worry he is doing a 'Mourinho'; ie alienating himself from certain players. Clearly a difference between RH and Bertrand, Cedric and his latest Valery.

Playing Cedric on the wrong wing, Danso in a position he never plays ie right back . what was he trying to prove against Bournemouth? how to lose?
PLaying Danso instead of Bertrand previously . and now playing Vestegard RB instead of Valery .

If he is trying to bring their ego's down to earth, it's the wrong way to do it!

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01 Oct 2019 03:03:36
It’s confusing with respect to Cedric’s last minute. withdrawal at Tottenham with no explanation offered when so much tactical planning would have been invested prior. Very Peculiar, . We know Ralph is well respected coach but his ‘man- management style would only be known to those closer to him. Perhaps certain players have attitudes not tolerated by him. He obviously requires the 100% support of Squad Players to maintain discipline. It is noticeable however that the dramatic rise of Leicester (under Brendan Rodgers ) & Schalke inGermany (under David Wagner) less time RH has been sorting SFC out!

01 Oct 2019 17:08:14
I think, for whatever reason, he has diverted focus away from tactics etc and onto the man management side. To play Danso right back was bordering on insanity, to move Vestegrard to right back with Valery on the bench was bizarre. I know a lot of people do say they have contacts in the club, but i do have direct contact with a lot of the younger players and some of the younger ones recently added to the first team squad. I was aware of his spat with Cedric and various other things. He seems to not like egos. While i understand that a bad ego can be negative for a team, a positive, cocky ego can be good for the team. WE are talking about professional footballers who need some cockiness to 'say' to the opposition, we're not afraid of you!
Bertrand has an air of that but why not, he is a good player, gives his all, been there done it. Cedric has won the Euros!

They didn't get where they are being nice, quiet, reserved people!
Maybe someone like Valery it's a different story, he's suddenly come from nowhere and just maybe he has got a bit full of himself.

Maybe RH needs to concentrate on his tactical skills and stop trying to play what is almost devils advocate!

Charlie Austin is a different category - relegated to training with the Under 21/ 23s and i am told was made to clean cars . how true i don't know.

06 Oct 2019 08:39:58
I think you may be reading more into the situation than is actually there. Team selection is nuanced and match specific and shouldn’t be reduced to simple player – coach disagreements. RH has highlighted that YV has been struggling in training and his performance has dipped. He also underlined its not a case of not trusting YV. He is a young player, still developing and his from will be inconsistent. But now he has been training hard and is looking to be involved v Chelsea.

The club failed to invest in full back positions again this summer despite selling, so we have two right backs, one of which stated a desire to leave over the summer and the other is young and still learning. On the other side, we have one left back in Bertrand.

We praise RH for taking a stern approach with players, insisting they invest in his vision or they drop out, but then when things on the pitch aren’t perfect, you think we should bemoan his approach and say he’s going too far? We should second guess why certain players aren’t playing?

About Valery, RH has already spoken this week. Cedric pulled out against Spurs because of a calf injury sustained during the week’s training and aggravated in the pre-game warm-up. RH also explained the reasons for his line-up choice v Spurs which is perfectly sensible. Yes, experimenting with Danso in a full back position in the past has been unsuccessful, but so what? Given our scant options, I’m perfectly happy for the head coach to try a few things to see what works.

Comparing our team to Leicester and Schalke is ridiculous. Leicester have a very talented squad of players with a balanced blend of youth and experience that should see them challenging for European places this season. That alone is not down to Brendan Rodgers. Schalke have played 7 games so far under David Wagner and a season’s performance cannot be judged after 7 games.

Also, what’s the point in repeating silly rumours about Charlie Austin that you yourself state you don’t know are true? They are the seeds of undermining our head coach and sewing them does nothing but harm. If this forum is to become a negative spiral of nonsense and a platform for sharing unfounded conjecture then I for one will be checking out. Its disappointing that this forum is far more active when we aren’t playing well compared to when we are struggling. I understand why that is, but perhaps things would feel slightly less bleak if there was a positive post for every negative one.

Given we are only 7 games into the season, shouldn’t we just let things develop and see how we get on? RH has already demonstrated more ability than our last few head coaches and given the ability levels in our squad, we cannot expect too much. We are targeting a finish between 10 and 14 place this season. Anything more is unrealistic at this stage. Its frustrating that we are not playing better at the moment but RH has done enough to earn our trust and patience. let's not be hyper-critical before the season really starts to show its colours.

06 Oct 2019 12:56:27
Just let RH do the job that he was brought in for. He can only work with what he has so we have to give him time.

06 Oct 2019 13:29:19
He played a left sided centre half in a position he had never played - right back, while moving CEdric to left back and Bertrand on the bench. FACT
It was either stupid or naive or both :-)

06 Oct 2019 13:32:02
and to add, it didn't work we were absolutely awful! not surprisingly . and as someone who has supported Saints for 52 years, just sometimes criticising the manager is allowed :-)

11 Oct 2019 16:41:33

Had Bertrand been fully fit, I don't believe he would have played Cedric at LB and Danso at RB.

24 Sep 2019 21:44:47
Defensively still a big issue and our play looks too slow at times but. GET IN!

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29 Sep 2019 04:50:49
How disappointing and unacceptable was that Spurs result? Presumably. hours and hours on the training pitch learning. how to overcome 10 players by 11 in the event of this match day situation plus 15.minutes halftime refresher course with any necessary adjustments to suit still the current squad were totally incapable of penetrating &taking advantage of this gifted situation. We need at least another 5 new cutting edge players. Meanwhile perhaps academy young MIDS can be introduced while Hojbjerg &Ward Prowse continue poor form. Some serious CASH required in January if we are to qualify for EPL lump sum!


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