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27 Apr 2023 23:17:05
Just got home after watching that absolute disgrace! A 6 pointer against a local rival to attempt to save yor season and THAT is what you offer! Absolutely shocking and barring lavia every single person associated with that effort tonight needs to take a long hard look at themselves and doesn't deserve to wear the shirt or represent the club! I have left saints games plenty angry/disappointed in the past like we all have but to leave tonight with the feeling of f. them.

I'm past caring is the worst feeling possible as a fan! Deserve championship football and without a total reset (get rid of ankersen, selles, half the playing squad) we will be there until the day I snuff it! Felt were were always up against it but to do that in a game of that significance.Absolutely devastated: (

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27 Apr 2023 19:15:10
Armstrong instead of Suleman .wtaf! : (:/:#

McCarthy in for bazuna, whilst I do think bazuna needs some time off, he might be decent one day but has been in the firing line too much this season, replacing him with McCarthy is NOT any better. I'd rather keep bazuna in and hope he finds form . McCarthy is just a shower of rubbish and forever will be.

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26 Apr 2023 11:34:08
As a lifelong Southampton fan I would just like to say how disgusted I was that the team threw away those 2 extra points at Arsenal. We had Arsenal on the ropes and we should have taken all 3 points.

There are 6 games left and all are winnable starting with Bournemouth at home tomorrow night. The manager and all of the players need to give it their all in these 6 games because getting stuck down in the Championship for who knows how many seasons will destroy my beloved Saints. There is no guarantee of Southampton getting promoted back up to the Premier League.

Even though we are currently bottom, the teams just above us are all within reach. Saving my beloved Saints from relegation is not mission impossible. Tom Cruise always succeeds in the end in that film franchise so can the Saints.

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31 Mar 2023 17:57:59
If you are curious what Saints need to stay up, it is probably 36 points, which is 13 from our last 10 or 3 wins and 4 draws.

This is based on an analysis of the min needed to survive over the last 10 seasons and final table projections based on the avg. points this seasons and the last 6 and 10 games.

Can we do it? If we avg. the same points per game over the season or last 10 games then no. If we maintain our form in the Selles era, then potentially yes.

This would give us 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in our next 9 and needing a point on the last day to make it.

Saints are top of the bottom 9 clubs over the last 6 games. The other teams hit 13% fewer points than their season average, whereas we hit +62%. We will need that trend to continue, to have a chance.

Going to be a thrilling finale, either way and hope the stats are useful.

Here is a reasonable best case scenario:

Wins: Palace, Fulham and Bournemouth
Draws: West Ham, Forest, Newcastle and Liverpool
Losses: Man City, Arsenal and Brighton

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06 Apr 2023 16:05:31
If you're really curious as to what Saints need to stay up I think we can say an absolute miracle

08 Apr 2023 19:56:45
At this point, I agree with you!

31 Mar 2023 12:48:42
I don't know where to ask this question but it seems like Liv page is the most active one. So I will ask here. Which clubs is interested in Romeo Lavia Ed? Will he move this summer regardless of whether Southampton relegated or not?

{Ed002's Note - Romeo Lavia (DM) was purchased by Southampton from Manchester City as the long term Romeu replacement. Southampton will not want to sell and an offer from Chelsea was rejected last summer after he had just joined, but Manchester City have the option to buy the player back if he is made available in 2024. Chelsea may well also return. Manchester United have sent scouts and Arsenal see him as a cut price option to Rice or Caicedo.}

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12 Mar 2023 16:44:08
Well done for getting a point today, outstanding performances from Bazuna and the defence, however scoring still seems to be the issue despite playing against 10 men for most of the game,if we can survive this season. this team with an additional striker could do very well

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10 Mar 2023 13:51:50
Hey, I have followed this thread for years and really enjoyed all your comments but never chipped in. As an expat, I am not close enough to the action to give much value but as a stats geek, I thought would share a few nuggets to give us a glimmer of hope.

Of course, we are clearly up against it for relegation and our odds are around 65% on Opta and in the betting odds.

However, in 9 of the last 10 seasons. 36 points or less have been enough. 4 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses to get us to 36 is tough with our fixtures but possible, with a little luck.

Over the last 10 games (with a dubious manager for 7), we were two points ahead of Leeds, four for Bournemouth and 1 for Everton. Keep that up and we will stay up, with an improved goal difference.

With Alcaraz hitting form, better team spirit and some new faces, you never know!

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10 Mar 2023 22:58:55
Welcome my friend.

For many of us ardent Saints fans, some of whom have supported this club for half a century, the forum provides a form of mental health therapy. Knowing that we are not alone watching the tragic decline of our club is somehow reassuring.

It is an emotional roller coaster - but to be fair, when you look at the insight of many of our posters they are so right.

So welcome and carry on - not everyone will agree with you but heh that’s life!

11 Mar 2023 08:53:40
Thank you for the warm welcome Millertime and I agree on the need for theraleutic rants!

I fully agree with your comments on the sad decline and poor decisions. I am from generations of Saints fans and have been there in the stands for the highs and lows of relegation and promotion, in this crazy emotional roller coaster. Now I just see it from afar.

I was quite optimistic this year, after a rare summer of spending but the red flags of lack of experience and goal scorer were clear to see. I work with data everyday but you never make a good decision on stats alone, without the wider picture.

Spending by spreadsheet was naive. Cortese had an analytical mind but saw the wider picture and picked Pochettino, SR didn't and we got NJ.

After the massive Leeds defeat, I said this is definitively over for Saints now but looking at the last 10 game stats, seeeing a cutting edge in the side from Alcaraz and a fighting spirit under Selles, there may be a little bit of hope. It's the hope that gets ya though!

The lack of a great GK like Niemi to save us a goal a game is a worry. At least we have JWP to get us a goal out of nowhere like Le Tiss could.

Looking forward to seeing all your match insights, over the last games.

01 Mar 2023 23:59:25
Eds.does anyone have knowledge of the feelings within the club about chances of survival? They must surely have to start planning for the drop at some stage?

{Ed002's Note - I am afraid I don't know.}

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27 Feb 2023 22:18:04
Some questions for you fellow Saints fans. Has something gone on behind the scenes to explain RS choices .
CC dropped
KWP benched ahead of MN
Bednerek picked ahead of CC
ELy picked ahead of Edozie etc

I have absolutely no problem losing IF I feel we have given it our best shot.

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28 Feb 2023 16:29:53
Could be looking at player valuation ahead of possible relegation. I think a few of our squad will be looking to move if we go down.

25 Feb 2023 17:54:19
I hate saying this but unfortunately I think that defeat to Leeds will be absolutely devastating for team moral. I can't seeing us staying up. It confuses me why we buy a lamppost sized striker but don't play to his strengths.

He is never going to score the way we play. I also think Sulimanna would be better used on the left wing. I feel for the first time that I think we are down.

I like that the new owners have spent money but for me there have been to many mistakes made. To many youngsters purchased and not enough experienced players. Ralph should have been sacked way long before he actually was.

And Nathan Jones was to huge a gamble to make at the time whilst being in relegation. Now making Sellas the manager till the end of the season for me is still wrong. Look at Leeds, they have got in a manager with premiership experience and they have now climbed out of the relegation zone

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