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26 Jun 2014 21:37:52
Timothee Kolodziejczac looks as if he will take over from Shaw and he looks like a very promising prospect.

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Gonna have trouble getting that on the back of a shirt.

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He is known as Kolo so no worries about that we just need to sign him.

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Let's look at it £30 (+) is a massive amount for a 18 year left back. Don't get me wrong I think he's more then worth it thinking over next 10 years. But wow we already have 35+ million from sales to whatever Koeman was offered in first place. Tadic looks some player and perhaps a move for caulker at heart of defence plus another if lovern leaves, pelle up top and kolo left back means we will still have shed loads of cash and are we really any worse off? Yes it will take them time to settle etc but what a opportunity to spend on improving whole squad. Then we have Morgan victor Lallana and co, now just me thinking out load but with the money we have and players we could bring in then that might well make them want to stay and well if not the they can do one and players in who do. For me personally this is a massively positive mind and at the end of the game we have great youngsters coming through who now have a better chance of playing. I know many won't agree but well let's belt up and enjoy the ride!

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27 Jun 2014 08:55:36
He seems a good temporary fill in, whilst waiting for Matt Targett to stake his claim for the LB spot. I'm only going the hype about MT, but it's said he would have got the LB spot ahead of LS but for an injury, would anybody like to expand on this?

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To do a bit of financial analysis.
the future value of £5m in a 3% interest rate for 4 years / end of contract / is ~ £40m. Plus the revenue costs of £70k a week (if true prob not) - then that is another £14.5m - so its good business - let's take the money.

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Kolo, Kolo Kolo, Kolo Kolo, Kolo Kolo Timothee!

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Except Southampton won't receive £30 million as a lump sum. It's paid in instalments, usually over 2 years nowadays.

Not a problem. When Saints spend, it will be in a similar manner

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I think Taggart will be ready next year and I expect him to be in the 11, he'll be the break through players like Chambers was last year

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26 Jun 2014 19:26:01
BBC sport is reporting that Luke Shaw will be taking a medical at Manchester United over the coming days with a fee inbetween £34-40 million.

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Long as they pay up front give him a piggy back up there for that price

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Would probably be worth the money for us but also a bit frustrating if we don't have a replacement already lined up ready to come in.

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As nice as it would've been to keep Shaw, £30m would be fantastic business on our end. If we are serious about European football, we are going to need to acquire the funds to improve our squad somehow. I'm more worried about losing Lallana than Shaw to be honest.

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I saw that, but the fee reported was 30million. Fair play to the boy. Good luck getting a match.

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He's at Carrington now. I think you will keep Lallana though.

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Lovren than Lallana and Shaw! He's the one of the three we must keep, yet he's the one who has allegedly put a txfr request in

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If Shaw is on his way then Saints clearly have someone in line to replace him, obviously long term being Matt Targett. But there's been mention again of Kolodziejczak coming from Nice, looks a terrific player, maybe even better at attacking then Shaw has been. The money made from Shaw will give us plenty of opportunity to bolster the squad further in other positions as well so let's see what the situation is come the first pre-season game, it'll be surprising if we haven't made 1-3 purchases by then.

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34 million for shaw is good business. I am glad he is leaving. I want players to want to play for saints, not leave at the first sniff of a bigger pay cheque. Can't believe though that Lovren would go for 15 million if they let Shaw go for 34?. Need to sign someone soon to settle the old nerves

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I would like us to take a serious look at cresswell.

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Great bit of business les reed. Now impress us with a good replacement!
Wouldn't mind seeing lallana and lovren go, as I'm Looking forward to a new era under koeman, and they obviously think they are bigger than the club.
It's just a Shame though, as I feel shaw and England may have benefitted from shaw playing regular football.
Cue stevo with a Danny Ings link.

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Ah, I have now seen an update of a £30 million fee, either way it isn't all bad on our front. I can see Southampton having a very successful season under Koeman.

Stay cheery Saint's fans!

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Lets hope that 1) we have a sell on clause included this time, and that 2) we spend the money wisely.

The worry for me is that with Lambert, Lallana, Shaw, Lovren going, we're breaking up too much of the squad in one go. Irrespective of how much we'll spend, we could well struggle more this coming season. An huge part of Saints game is the level of understanding between the players. Saints already had a small squad, and we'll need to potentially sign 4/5/6 players. You can guarantee that they won't all work out.

Finally, if the money from sales is reinvested, and that comes to £4m (Lambert) +£34m (Shaw) +£27m (Lallana) +£15m (Lovren) = £80m + transfer budget -Every club that sits over the negotiation table knows we'll potentially have £100m to spend on players, and therefor their price will double

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We had a sell-on clause with Bale, we just sold that right to Spurs when we were trying to stave off administration.

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St Christopher, I find it very hard to believe that MU would agree to a sell on clause after parting with so much money. I think you are clutching at straws there pal. This is not a £6m plus add-ons Walcott deal or a £5m plus add-ons Bale deal. MU paid top dollar so there will not be a sell on clause. Same with Lallana.

I would love to hear what you guys want Southampton to do with the cash? I asked this a couple months ago when I predicted a fire sale and St Martin told me it was all paper talk and Luke wasn't going anywhere. So after being shot down for asking the question before, I can now ask it as it's actually happened.

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26 Jun 2014 15:20:30
Im hearing that Origi is been watched by a few english clubs at the moment and that there is a keen interest in the player from three premier league clubs, Liverpool, southampton and Everton. Origi has stated that its his dream to play in the premier league, with liverpool favourite to sign him though I don't see us getting him. though i'm sure he will look at the striker postions liverpool already have and decide to join a club where he can get first team football. I hope saints snap him up looks a good player maybe even better than Lukaku with his pace and drubbling skills. I would love this signing

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26 Jun 2014 15:48:10
Liverpool can't sign everybody they haven't got the cash. Of course the lure of Champions league will figure as a strong incentive but they will probably see who we sign and then buy them off us.

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Think he looks a great talent aswell as enner Valencia think he would be a good signing thought i'd get that in before stevo comes and says he wants ings again

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The third club is apparently tottenham, not saints. ;)

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26 Jun 2014 13:25:48
From a very reliable source, southampton are set to sign Wilfred bony. Watch this space. Deal should be done within 3 weeks.

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What's this fantasy football

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Was this source a flying pig? ;)

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I thought Monk said that Swansea were going to try and keep Bony?

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Swansea have said that they do want to keep him but if a bid double the price they bought him for (so around 24m) they will allow the player talk to the club. also with baftimbi gomis they have a replacement so I think they know realisticly they are going to sell

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26 Jun 2014 05:20:54
After his performance last night I think Shaqiri would be a great signing if Lallana was to move to Liverpool. (Unless of course they sign him instead). Another 10m in the bank for further improvements to the squad too plus he is a few years younger and fits our style of play.

And my outside chance move. how about getting Pepe Reina in as part of the Lallana deal? He hasn't committed to anywhere yet, Liverpool don't want him but I don't know what sort of cash he is on.
Not young but still plenty of years left in him and he played well for Spain the other night. Like I said a vey outside chance and some won't agree but that's what this page is about.

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I think Shaqiri is the more 'outside chance' of the two, he'd want CL

St Brad

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Pepe is a good shout. ageing but probably still got the class. Think we would still need someone younger who could learn from him and artur and be pushing for place in future seasons

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I doubt Reina will come to us, I reckon Shaqiri would be a great bit of business if we could get him

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{Ed001's Note - Reina is running low on options mate, you might be surprised, if Southampton make a move for him. He certainly would be open to hearing what they had to say, but he would want first team football.}

26 Jun 2014 01:30:09
If you think about it from what just the rumours tell us southampton have a very good plan for anyone who leaves, Lambert has left, which has made mad rumours going around for a £8mil deal being made for him, if lallana ends up leaving that dusan tadic fella will replace him, and if shaw decided to leave that Netherlands full back van dijk (think that's how you spell it) would be a replacement for him, honestly don't think the Marshall deal is going to happen soon as Lambert's replacement is more important, although I do think he could go as he would probably prefer playing at a bpl side.

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*Pelle not 'him'

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26 Jun 2014 09:38:04
Van Dijk is a central defender he wouldn't be to replace Shaw, he would be to either replace Lovren or to fit into Koeman's 5-3-2 system.

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Do we still have interest in caulker? I think if we were to play a 5-3-2 we'd definitely need another man and he's played really well last season for Cardiff despite their being relegated

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Lambert went for £4 million

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