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18 Jul 2024 01:13:01Most of the posts go to the Southampton Banter page.

10 Jul 2024 12:12:54
Sugars of AZ is having a medical with Saints. 10 million euros plus various add on and sell on clause.

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10 Jul 2024 16:54:08
Sugarwara, sorry predictive txt!

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12 Jul 2024 08:44:52

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12 Jul 2024 15:36:48
Anybody know if he is any good?

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28 Jun 2024 22:19:06
Tell me this isn't true - PLEASE

Walker-Peters to West Ham in exchange for Downes.

As much as I rate Downes, this would be a disaster for us. KWP has often been our most attacking minded player, bar none.

Ings might be in the mix too, and I would love to see him back, but not at the expense of KWP.

He has to be worth north of £60M.

As I say, hopefully this is just conjecture generated during the non-Euro lay down.

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29 Jun 2024 08:27:55
I fear it could be.

KWP has 1 year left on his contract and Saints may be wanting to avoid another Adams situation. I really hoped KWP would stay. He is a great player and has been very loyal.

We urgently need some wing backs and disappointed to see Ben Johnson go to Ipswich.

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08 Jul 2024 15:53:33
Apparently Danny Ings has turned down the chance of returning to Saints

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19 Jun 2024 12:21:00
SFC are in advanced talks with Burnley to bring back Nathan Redmond.

Redmond will replace Sulemana who is being moved on - a club in France has put in a bid for him. Club see Redmond as good value as part of the transfer profile strategy that they are employing this summer - experienced voice in the dressing room to help the younger players, still well-respected by the coaching staff and in the last year of his contract at his current club.

Discussing 2 year contract. £2m fee, wages around £45-£50k per week. Talks well-advanced. Both clubs keen, just need player to agree personal terms. Hoping to have it concluded in time for player to take part in pre-season from 18th July.

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19 Jun 2024 12:53:27
I sincerely hope you are winding us all up with this one!

He would be towards the very bottom of my list of returning ex-Saints. Hell, I’d rather have Ricky Lambert back!

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19 Jun 2024 16:04:00
Talks are definitely in progress - source is within the club

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19 Jun 2024 16:34:53
Well all I can say DC is if your source is on the money, this season is going to be long and arduous.

I get (and agree) the value of Lallana having a swan song but he is (or was) different quality.

I also see mileage in Ings returning - proven PL scorer and an upgrade on Adams.

I’m not bothered that they both left under a cloud - what matters is can they play a part in keeping us up.

But Redmond - seriously?

I will thank you though DC for preparing me for the shock news if or when it happens!

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20 Jun 2024 10:56:27
While we are at it, Cedric Soares and Jack Cork are on their final year of contract and Oxlade Chamberlain is in the rumours too!

We are going from the Man City Youth team to the Southampton testimonial team, at this rate!

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20 jun 2024 12:46:05
so glad this is a rumour page. if above is true we are already doomed tio go straight down. shippie

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21 Jun 2024 11:29:14
Don’t forget Dusan Tadic. He wants to come back too

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21 Jun 2024 13:39:09
40 is the new 30. Bring back Lambert and Fonte too!

As long as the fees and added wages do not exceed 10% of our budget, I am not against the better players returning for a swan song to add experience and mentorship, while our younger players adjust and develop.

But we do need solid starters at GK, DT, LB, RM and ST at least. Plus a sustainable plan for wherever we end up the year after (e.g. if AA, KWP and THB go)

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22 Jun 2024 13:54:06
Worth remembering that Redmond is only 30.

Talks stalled briefly over % loyalty bonus but are now back on track. He's currently house-hunting in Ringwood. Photo shoot at Lime Wood is provisionally booked for 4th July though not yet confirmed.

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22 Jun 2024 16:24:43
It’s also worth remembering that he is not close to being good enough at this level. There are similarities here with Walcott - they both flatter to deceive, they both try to look busy chasing down blind alleys and both have outsize egos.

Ringwood is nearer to Bournemouth isn’t it?!

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23 Jun 2024 08:58:07
I agree with you Millertime that Redmond is a very mixed bag.

That said, I think I would rather fill a position with an exciting 20m signing, an experienced low/free off the bench and send a young player on loan for a year than a 12m and 8m that might not either be at prem level or will take a year to adjust

So if that is the grand strategy, I am cautiously behind it and seems we are just replacing Stu, Brooks, Rothwell with these. Hopefully some good names to come.

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24 Jun 2024 08:20:02
Hopefully Rodon for Alcaraz plus cash. Makes sense if can get it done

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08 Jul 2024 22:27:54
@ Defensive captain. What happened to Redmond 😂 😂

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01 Jun 2024 18:46:43
Everton have to have a fire sale. Pickford and Tarkowski anybody? Around 25-28m for both, would be good business I think.

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04 Jun 2024 22:06:12
Pickford! 😂
I would rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than sign t-Rex

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06 Jun 2024 11:42:15
get kelleher for 20million

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28 May 2024 19:26:48
Allegedly we are doing what we do best and getting another player from the Scottish premthat looks like a reallly good player.

Matt O'Riley

I think others teams want him too but he's done pretty good in the scottish prem and he could be a good signing to boost the midfiled

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12 May 2024 20:48:11
Positives from today is; well for mez its all positive. Mainly because I didn't/don't think we'd win the playoffs and at the moment we're still in a good position .and second positive is whatever were feeling after the result today all the fans of the other 3 teams will be feeling the same as results were same for everyone across the board. We can't be critical if everyone did the same thing. Friday is a fresh start.

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13 May 2024 16:20:27
Completely agree. An away draw is a reasonable result and we should be confident playing at home on Friday.

I watchd the Leeds game highlights on their YouTube channel and it was interesting to read their fans believing they will bottle the playoffs.

So nobody is blowing anybody away and we have a very good chance.

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07 May 2024 20:20:44
Apparently according the Southampton Echo or something like that.

Broja wants to leave Chelsea. This could be a decent signing maybe ue was pretty good for us and we are in desperate need of a striker than can well 'strike'.

Imo I think a loan to buy or something would be worth it. We can see if he's good as he hasn't got much game time.

What's your opinion tho?

Southampton echo may not be reputable source honestly idk but want to talk about it regardless.

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28 Apr 2024 21:45:13
I'd like to think I've not quite lost my mind with our manager to the extent that most of you have, but my birthday was ruined by our Leicester drubbing.

The best we've played this season was the first half vs Preston. Essentially the policy was make runs, create space, line breaking passes, shoot on sight. And we were awesome.

There was no pressure then. We'd been written off again, then the second hope is back on the table we lose three in a row. I can't think of the last time we were a side massively under pressure AND delivered.

I think it was our win at Swansea under Hughes to stay up, and that was six years ago. It looks like we'll have Norwich in the play-offs and we will go down 2-3 on agg I reckon.

But this isn't just an issue with our manager - yes he's stubborn beyond belief and an arrogant sod, but our squad doesn't have the mettle to handle pressure and imagine this lot in the PL next season.

I also don't see how the board sack him. He will say 'most years 84 points gets you promoted (I think the average before this year was 79?) and the play-offs is a lottery' and our board are renowned for being lenient - Pellegrino, Hughes and Jones all outstayed their welcomes. I hope it happens, but also who do we bring in? Potter? Cooper? I doubt it. Go cheap and hope it comes off has been the policy for a decade plus and that'll probably be the continued thinking.

I almost hope we don't go up because we will never ever stay up next year and at least this year we've won games.

And on the discussion around players listening to their manager - a bit different but I'm a cricket captain, and the main philosophy is 'have fun, go for it, back yourself'. If I told everyone to play one way we would never win, there needs to be flexibility and that is something we absolutely do not have.

Even when losing in the last minute we pass it round the back, and the players need to have some bravery and belief in themselves to do what they think. It isn't all on one man and in August I'd have taken the play-offs. But I fear stagnation and a Bristol City type season (boring mid table) next campaign.

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30 Apr 2024 21:36:07
Preston was an interesting one. We were quite simply superb… as you say, we changed things. I honestly thought that was the start of changes.

I remember when we started to play balls over the top, H-B particularly good and clever at it . I worked … but we stopped it.
it is almost like RM had sleepless nights worrying that he had gone against his possession obsession.

Possession obsession to the extreme.

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27 Apr 2024 19:02:14
I think Lesleee was assuming that we would beat Stoke this afternoon.

It is easy to be wise after the event but in view of our form over the last week that was not a given.

I think all we learnt from this afternoon is that we can`t rely on fringe players.

Brookes, Mara, Sulemana, Bree and Charles do not inspire confidence. Edozie and Fraser were almost OK today but rarely any end product.

It will take a miracle to win the playoffs and as I said previously, it is more likely that justice will be done and the top 3 all go up this year.

A season of missed opportunity (and clear cut chances).

We can wave goodbye to Downes, TBH and KWP.

Adams and Stu would be advised to get one last payday elsewhere.

I fear for next season as a result of how things have unfolded since Bristol City stood up to us.

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27 Apr 2024 19:31:37
The reality is we are more likely to be involved in a relegation battle next season than a promotion battle.

When the players return to their parent clubs and others leave, we will have the look and feel of a League 1 outfit.

There is no leadership on the pitch, no bravery and no guile. Our possession based football is pointless and next season every other team will know how to set up against us.

We had a golden opportunity this season and unless there’s a miraculous turnaround, we’ve blown it.

To hear Right Moron claiming he’s tired and his mum is worried about him is incredulous. It’s totally embarrassing and if the board don’t take the logical step of sacking him, then shame on them.

Almost past caring now - how bad is that?

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27 Apr 2024 22:40:48
Millertime .
Have you noticed that when something goes wrong, RM posts something that’s takes the attention towards himself .
the 0-5 loss . it’s all my fault I should have played stephens .
blah blah .
maybe his mum could phone him up and tell him to stop blagging . to stop the rhetoric nonsense.

I found it bizarre that in his whole playing career, not a single team paid a single penny for him .
umpteen loan’s etc ., god was he that irritating that they all wanted shot of him .
Google it .is RM the only player in history to never command a single transfer fee .

Well I’d pay 1p to send him to the school of ‘overinflated egos’!

The reality is (and I’ve posted it before) that there are many players who have not been allowed to play their natural game, have had their natural game quenched.

I would love to see some of our attacking players under a different manager .

I don’t think another manager would have loaned out Alcaraz, wouldn’t have given big paul a chance, would have loaned out Perraud (even worse! #^^€ $$€%% to give manning a starting place! )

Jones was ‘rather strange’ . but RM is deluded …

How can you think 60%+ possession against Leicester is good, while losing 5-0 while not registering a single shot on goal .
Stoke . half the possession, more shots, 3x the shots on target …
Even Billy bloggs managing the local pub team would think… I need to change this .

As per Ed001’s post earlier . imagine saints players allowed to do what they like!

I end my usual rants with the words of the weekend commentator .

I’ve seen more forward passes than a game of rugby!

I am expecting RM to be sacked when we don’t win promotion …
He will say, ‘but we had 69% possession, how can you sack me ., ‘

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26 Apr 2024 18:36:02
The spirit the team need now

Gents, it's been a shocking week. Automatic promotion is gone, key players are down and we just took a battering. The pundits have written you off, the fans have written you off and some of you have given up.

You now have two choices. Wallow in misery like boys or fight like men.

Winning at Wembley is every footballers dream and you have that golden opportunity. Who has what it takes? Who is willing to chase, to get stuck in, to be bold for this team. Do it for you, do it for Stu, do it for the fans.

We have spent a season playing sideways, now we need to go forwards. This is your chance to step up and be a hero. Fight for your place in the team. Do not look back and regret what could have been. Give it all you've got.

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26 Apr 2024 22:42:36
I feel at this point I’d love to hear from an Ed (or 2408 who I’ve been trying to guess who you are) .
I’ve played various sports at a reasonable level, but I've never encountered a situation where the coach wanted us to do ‘plan A’ when clearly it was plan B or C or D that was needed .
How do the players get RM to change his ways, admit defeat, listen to the players .
why don’t the players on the pitch say f**k with this nonsense and unleash themselves ….

This is where my understanding ends.
Imagine being an attacking midfielder or an attacker, Waiting for that one defence splitting pass, That defence splitting run.
But all you get is sitting back and watching huge amounts of possession, but not where you want it to be.
So in reality, can the players just do it their way?

{Ed001's Note - it is quite common, you usually know it as 'losing the dressing room'. That is characterised by players ignoring instructions and doing what they think is right. Which is strange to me as I grew up with Liverpool dominating everything and that was the secret of their success. They put players together who knew how to play and just let them play. In fact there are a number of the players who tell stories about how they would ask for tactical instructions and be told that they should figure it out for themselves (well not in so many words, usually it involved them being told to go forth and multiply). Nowadays coaches want robots who just do as they are told, rather than thinking for themselves.}

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27 Apr 2024 08:13:24
Complerely agree South_Hants_Rich and Ed001. Our flair players are being suffocated and they need the freedom to play. Stoke is a free pass. We should experiment and I hope the players push for that, if RM doesn't.

Give Lumley and Stephens a half and McCarthy and Bree a half. See who deserves their starting spot.

Give Sulemana and Fraser a real shot. We may need that pace against a high press and that tenacity in a cup final.

Take players on, put some crosses in the box. We are going to have an aerial threat with Ross Stewart coming back soon.

Go 4 2 3 1, put Sulemana up top, AA as CAM, put Jack Stephens in goal! Shave JWPs hair and pretends he's Will Smallbone. Anything!

Lets try something new. Give the players a free reign, show some fighting spirit, get the fans on the edge of their seat. At least for 30 minutes!

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27 Apr 2024 17:59:29
Thank you Ed001 for that great reply …
I can understand that a coach may spot a shortcoming in someone’s game. but as you say, the modern coach, especially RM, are telling the players what they need to do!
Love the Liverpool story . cheers again

{Ed001's Note - very welcome.}

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23 Apr 2024 22:00:29
Well that was embarrassing

The gulf between us and Leicester was immense.

9-0 again looked a possibility at one point.

67% possession. Not a shot at goal.

RM looked like a rabbit in headlights.

What is the point of Brookes? Does Edozie ever do anything when brought on?

Hardly good preparation for the playoffs.

Surely whoever finishes third will deservedly go up this year.

It is going to be grim next season.

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24 Apr 2024 11:47:26
67% possession, 721 passes to Leicesters 361 and not a shot on target …
You can analyse as much as you like, But that is it in a nutshell. And as for Russell Martin to say that we were competing in the game… We had a good one minute spell after halftime, Other than that, I enjoyed watching Leicester play!

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22 Apr 2024 21:57:49
There is one simple reality in the goings on at SFC
Our possession obsession football, baffled opponents, they sat back and watched us . I think WBA was the prime example of this. A team on form and playing good football, just sat there and watched us.
And then after, what was it? 25 games unbeaten?. One manager simply said to his team, Go for it, Don't sit back and watch their possession. Bristol . The man had clearly watched empty videos of our possession football and wasn't scared by it.

For me, the biggest thing has been Russell Martin total inability to change tactics based on opponents changing tactics.
he is so obsessed with his way of playing but I honestly do not believe he has any understanding of other tactics.

Against Cardiff, their manager made some substitutions, it changed the game.
Russell Martin might as well have been in a Starbucks drinking a latte, because that is the limit of his reaction to the Cardiff change.

If we do end up winning the play-offs, I pray that Russell Martin is not part of Southampton football club in the Premier League.

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22 Apr 2024 21:36:41
The newest cliche in footballing parlance from pundits, reporters and the like is, "they find a way" which generally describes how the best teams come up trumps in the face of adversity.

Then there's us - the other side of the coin - "we find a way not to win".

How we didn't beat Cardiff defies belief - how we snatched draws from winning positions all season long also defies belief.

Simply put, we're masters at finding a way not to win football matches.

And why is that? As I've said many a time - we lack that winning mentality. When it comes to the play-offs I would fancy us to beat Norwich over two legs, but the others would batter us.

I don't like to admit it, but West Brom are the team which have the physical and mental strength to overcome possession football.

RM - you have much to answer for.

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13 Apr 2024 21:44:50
I'm all for the positivity and believe me I am trying lol but I'm still not optimistic about automatic.

Yes it is technically possible again now but we've been riding our luck too hard to get where we are right now. The teams above us have all dropped massive points but we having capitalized on that nearly enough.

The main factor will be when we face them. They're away games and Leicester and Leeds will both up their games and show their promotion form when playing against us. When it comes to ruthlessness and not conceeding when it matters I can't honestly say we've got it in us. Maybe if we start playing Lumley.

I'm going to be positive though, go with the flow and hope for the fairytale lol . Here's hoping for automatic 👍

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11 Feb 2024 20:56:16
It's been a long time since I've expected Saints to win. It's been even longer since I've been excited to watch them play good football. It's been even longer since I've ENJOYED IT!

Even at half time yesterday. And all that positivity from five months' effort was gone. But even then I thought we could still get something.

But 8 goal involvements from substitutes is utterly obscene and shows our depth now. EIGHT! Rothwell 2G 1A, Brooks 2A, Mara 1G 1A, Edozie 1G. We won the second half 5-1!

Our two Bournemouth loanees were excellent and the fact they've come from the same club seemed to do wonders yesterday.

And just following it online from the second half, even at 2-3, I was still expectant rather than hoping, and I think Huddersfield were too.

Not only will that energise the fans, the fringe players, and galvanise the first XI regulars to pick up the standards, that must be massively deflating for both Leeds and Ipswich.

We were dropping to third albeit with a game in hand but have kept up the relentlessness and with Leeds playing Leicester in a few weeks, we could be a couple of wins clear before our dicey run-in.

I think it's just between us and Leeds now. Ipswich have nine points in nine games, but the three former Prem teams are all just winning and winning.

How epic could that game be at Elland Road to finish the season? And what's more, I can't wait for the game on Tuesday! We could pick any 6 of 11 MID/FWD players, and I'd still expect us to score four. 0-0 incoming no doubt.

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