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26 May 2014 07:15:30
Media turned yet again. Gone from poch taking over spuds, to turning them down, now apparently levy will decide which one of DeBoar and Poch will be the new manager.

I am very worried now. For me it is looking increasingly likely. Why wait until the end of the season to discuss a new contract - I don't buy the excuses. Why hasn't he signed a new deal already? Actually annoyed now because even if he stays it feels like he'll look to jump ship if a big club comes in. Poch or the club could have denied a Spud approach or that he'd be allowed to leave if it wasn't true. I'm especially annoyed because we're talking about Spuds ffs - not a top club. Having said that, if the club are posturing to sell players, I can understand his lack of commitment, within reason.

If you read between the lines of Ralf Krueger's and Les Reed's statements in the last few months, you'll see they never said they won't sell. Not looking to sell doesn't mean they won't.

Pretty sick of looking for good news everyday and finding nothing but pro plastic club crap.

St Tony

1.) 26 May 2014 11:05:57
Agree 100% it's going to be another crappy dispiriting week for all Saints. Even yesterday's T20 game and the cricket season in general can't alleviate this summers growing sense if doom.

2.) Poch will only sign if board backs him by guaranteeing not to sell any of our first team players, assurances at the moment the club cant/wont meet

3.) St tony, I feel for you if everyday when you open the paper, you believe what's written. Your life must be like a rollercoaster haha

4.) I don't believe it, saintsmiff. I gather all the info I can and try to read between the lines with logic. I think he's a goner. I am livid. I hate spuds too. 2nd rate Plastic wannabes. If a manager is leaving for a club like spuds that are not really good contenders for top 4, have an awful primadonna dressing room, an person director of football and a trigger happy chairman, then the board really are not prepared to push hard for progression. I truly hope I'm wrong.

5.) With what you said is enough for me to believe he isn't going.
I can't see KL intentions if she let's poch go and a few top players.
Why does she watch the games?
Appoint a board with well respected sports people?
Continue to suggest they want to keep the squad together?
It just wouldn't make sense. But let's say poch leaves, I'm sure she will attract another good manager given our squad. Players may think twice about leaving if she managed to get a top manager in. We are in a position not many clubs are in. The board know it, poch knows it, the players know it and do do the fans. The only people I believe don't know it is the media. So basically I'm saying have faith. Whatever happens we are a premier league club in an excellent position. Even if poch wants out ( I doubt it )
If somebody can give me a good reason why billionaire owner KL would sell our top assets from her business, sat each week in front of 30,000 fans, I'm all ears

6.) The rate at which the media changes it's mind is ridiculous time to start ignoring it until something official is released I think

7.) Sorry saintsmiff, Poch is def going to Spurs. He has just been waiting for Levy to make his move. Poch wanted to leave same time as cortese, but it was Cortese who persuaded him to stay - at least until the end of the season. But really, he has been on the lookout for a move since then.

plus, Spurs are a bigger club, have a better squad, more money to improve and will match his ambition.

I, have no doubt that the Saints board matched or exceeded whatever spurs are offering him. but ultimately it doesn't matter because Poch has wanted to leave for months. The best we can say is that he didn't leave us mid-season. That was actually a decent thing to do.

I don't know if the board has anyone else yet. i, have a feeling they will have done. Remember, the whole club is set up so that the manager is simply a dept head - he leaves, but the wheels stay on. Another guy comes in.

We should also expect Lallana and Shaw to go. but that's hardly a secret. There will be two or three others moving on too. ones we would rather didn't leave unfortunately.

BUT funds will be made available to the new manager to replace departing players. Decent funds too. And the aims of the club and style of play - the Southampton way - will continue on much the same.

whilst all these departures might zap morale, in actual reality I don't think it will atop us finishing mid-table again next year.

which, whether we like it or not, is our sustainable level as a club.

8.) I agree, although I still remain optimistic that we can keep hold of our players. If poch wants to leave for the fact cortese left, then he is pretty stupid. He was well known for working with youngsters b4 coming to saints, so he is in the best place. I would like to see him train the likes of lamela and adebayor the way he works saints stars. Learning to cope with the egos of spurs will test his managerial qualities. Will he be given time to put his stamp on spurs? I don't think so

9.) Vectis - exactly what I said in a previous post about the players going. I'm afraid KL sees shaw and lallana as balancing the books and although I understand poch is not altogether that interested in spurs for obvious reasons him leaving in the next 12 months I inevitable. I was fortunate to speak to a youth player who said rumours are rife and NC will be part of a group to purchase villa and will take poch there. Just a rumour but given his interview.

10.) 26 May 2014 18:43:45
If she sold all seven top players shed pull in well over 100 million does that answer your question???

11.) 26 May 2014 21:26:57
why would Cortese go to Villa, Southampton was his baby if he was going to go to the trouble of putting a bid together to buy a club why not us. Liebherr would probably sell, its just a question of price.

12.) No montecristo saint. Yes she could sell 7 players and take in £100m, but at the huge risk of relegation with potential losses of around £100m in tv revenue etc. not the best decision for a successful business woman.

13.) NC said in an interview he would, and I quote, " never" comeback. I'm pretty sure "never" covers any time soon.

14.) Saintsmiff what you said makes perfect sense but the new regime have convinced and advised her to make 60-80 million in the summer and replace with our famous youth system. Not what we want to hear but this is going to happen.



20 May 2014 11:10:13
I was told yesterday by a Spud friend who reckons he has a solid Spud source (sounds very reliable I know), that Mancini approached Spuds about the managing position. Yes, he approached them! Sounds a bit daft maybe, but his odds have drastically fallen and and he's now 3rd favourite behind MP and De Boar. Do you think this could possibly have any truth in it ED?

St Tony

{Ed007's Note - Yes.}

1.) FDB's brother was on TalkSport this morning and said that Spurs haven't spoken to his brother in months. Plus on a Saints front, the 'sacking' of Dodd & Williams has nothing to do with Poch staying and wanting his 'own people' in these roles.

2.) The Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri tweeted the other day that Mancini had let Spurs know of his availability.

But all signs still point to Pochettino.

3.) Ed, I would have thought Mancini would be far and away a better choice for Spurs (and a good move for him after Galatasaray). Given, this development do you know whether Levy will favour Mancini over Poch?

{Ed002's Note - No, they are considering their options.}

4.) Hi ED will Monaco try to get poch now?

{Ed002's Note - You already knew there was interest from Monaco as well as two other sides.}

5.) I have to say I agree that Mancini would be a better shout for spurs. But it may just be wishful thinking!

6.) Hi ED various places are saying shaw to Man U is a done deal is this the case? Have they had a bid accepted? Poch any closer or making a decision

{Ed002's Note - It is not a "done deal" yet.}

7.) Ok ED how far off is it then? Has a fee been agreed? Did Liverpool bid for lovren?

{Ed002's Note - Measured how? I understand an unacceptable verbal offer has been made for Lovren by Liverpool.}

8.) Has a few been agreed for shaw? Is Luke interested? Was lovrens offer rejected? ED

{Ed002's Note - See previous answers.}

9.) So Ed at this moment in time shaw and lallana will still be southampton players during the World Cup? Hope we sort out poch soon and we announce what's happening


10.) 21 May 2014 16:51:58
Poch is a strong character. He will sign when he thinks it is right to sign, as he said, he still has a year left on his contract!



16 May 2014 10:53:40
2 seperate friends have sources.

Apparently media reports that KL had a board meeting on Wednesday to discuss the Spud interest in MP.

A source from Tottenham said he's adamant MP was seen there.

: (

St Tony

1.) Check out the Telegraph - they have an article on this today - looks like we will get a decision by next week.

2.) Its also a full page in the Telegraph

3.) The meeting was because poch met levy on Tuesday and was basically offered the spuds job.

4.) HE was at ranchos in southampton on Thursday night so he couldn't have been

5.) He has spoken to spurs, if he hasn't then he will do I'm sure. But that doesn't mean he has agreed to take the job. He will speak to them to find out what they'll offer him in terms if vision, control, money, budget, staff uniform and control of the coaching staff. Just so he can compare it to what we will offer him.




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04 Jun 2014 12:23:07
So Rickie's gone. I'm sure we're all gutted as he will be a huge miss, plus sure we all hoped he would hang up his boots in a saints shirt. For me, he's a legend in any case, I just hope the move doesn't backfire. the critics will be out for him again, I just hope that yet again he can prove them all wrong and finish the fairy-tale with lifting the title.

Lallana has really disappointed me. The media MAY be blowing it out of proportion but Lallana's silence is deafening. Pretty disgusted actually as he should understand what this World Cup means to us. Again a dark cloud has come over us, yet our captain is setting no example at all. Tricky for the board if he is stamping his feet. Surely for our most creative player and captain in his prime, we should be commanding a fee of £25 - £30m but without the ludicrous add-ons, especially with Bournemouth getting 25%.

Shaw may be off, but if so it would be a good deal for saints. Plus he is acting far more maturely than our supposed loyal captain. I expect we can get a very capable replacement and if Chicarito is part of the deal, I'd be very happy. Plus Matty Targett is apparently the next superstar in the line.

As for our other players Lovren, Clyne, Schneiderlin etc etc etc etc, I hope we can keep them. With a good manager appointment and funds to spend, we may well actually be a force again next season.

Whoever goes, for me Rickie will be the biggest miss, not just for goals but primarily for all the build up play he was central to. We will need to adapt to another style I think, hopefully with more pace up front.

Let's face it, this is all new to us. We've had our stars, but have never had a squad full of sought-after talent. How dare saints try and crash the top 6 table anyway. It's been a rollercoaster since the end of the season but I have to say I'm actually feeling a small sense of optimism now. I don't think the board have been deceitful or greedy. I think they have done everything right actually. Whatever deal comes through I'm sure will be for the good of the club. It's the media selling our players and we can't help bids coming through. They tried to keep Poch. They couldn't deny Lambert. I feel a bit annoyed that a lot of people have been so quick to slag off KL and the board. I can understand some disappointment, but that's football. Fact is we would sink very fast without KL - there will not be a queue of billionaires or Cortese come charging to the rescue.

Now if the word is true and a good manager is appointed and given funds, happy days. Let's get behind the saints and break this negativity.


St Tony

1.) Good post. Matty Targett is indeed next in line and I understand from friends on the inside he is rated better than shaw hence this would suite. plus clyne can play left back. Totally agree about Lallana but I am sorry to say it is not being blown out of proportion with one person claiming he is actually trying to gather support from within.



27 May 2014 23:14:24
My perspective on the manager shortlist:

lennon: untested at top level. Hardly sexy football in a league that Bournemouth would stroll to the title. too temperamental.

mackay: spent poorly. played average football at best. insulted he's in the bookies running.

hughton: not good enough for Norwich. Poor style. another insult from the bookies.

koeman: we would just be a shop window for him. Not convinced his style or ethics would fit.

yakin: good record. exciting prospect. untested in England and doesn't speak English. could be good but we see punts like this every season and more often than not, they backfire. I would be concerned about loyalty if he was any good.

maclaren: top choice for me. worked under Ferguson for a long time with the best ever man United squad. has had his moments some of which brought harsh and unfair criticism. generally done very well since the England job bit him in the arse which was a poison chalice for anyone. great job at FC twente and now has turned Derby into a quality possession side similar style to saints. he's won trophies and played in Europe. worked with Les reed at the FA. He's English.

St Tony

1.) Oh, and as for Benitez and Mancini, get real. their salary would be astronomical. They spend money like it's going out of fashion. The club isn't big enough to fit their ego. They both clash with players. simply won't happen.

2.) Just don't think much of McClaren. Was hopeless for England, Wolfsburg, Twente (second time around) and Forest, and has somewhat ridden on Clough's coattails in turning an already decent young Derby side into a slightly better young Derby side (albeit one that still failed to achieve anything). Even Boro fans were glad to be shot of him when England came calling, and he won the League Cup with them.

I'd take Yakin. I'd take Thomas Tuchel. I'd take Jorge Sampaoli (Chile coach). And I'd take Tata Martino. All available (Sampaoli after the World Cup). All progressive coaches whose teams play technical, attacking football in a style not dissimilar to Pochettino's - I think Saints should be looking to build upon the positive, modern footballing style he's left behind, and that means a coach cut from the same cloth, which many of the alleged candidates are not.

A couple of other names being mentioned: Sherwood is a chancer, not a manager. Oscar Garcia sounds interesting on paper - former Barcelona youth coach, preaches the "Barca way" - but Brighton fans shed no tears when he resigned. Is he any good? I don't know.

And I'd avoid Laudrup at all costs, if even half the stories of the way he conducted himself at Swansea have any truth to them.

Sadly, I have no confidence in the current Saints board to make an appointment of sufficient calibre to keep the club moving forward (although how they plan to do that while selling their best players is a whole other issue). I fear they'll make an unimaginative, unambitious, cheap and wholly mediocre selection, in keeping with the way the club has been headed since Cortese took his Power Rangers and stomped off.

3.) I have to agree with most of what you say. Some interesting names there.

Perhaps Stevie Mac isn't an exciting name, but perhaps I'm feeling insecure and want an English manager that might show a bit of loyalty and not leave us the minute a plastic club come calling. Plus I was impressed watching Derby last season. With good young players who knows how far he could take us. my guess is nobody can take us further without Lallana etc.

4.) Oh and please not Guy Poyet. I couldn't stand to see his smug face even if it was lifting trophies lol.



23 May 2014 11:07:33
Daily Fail reports coming through that Ricky Lambert had put in a transfer request early this year. In February he told BelND sports, 'He feels totally disrespected' and so demanded to leave the club at the end of the season.

Sly sources claims SFC brought in a clown for his birthday but it was a complete shambles until 3rd choice goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga stepped in to replace him. Ricky is said to have been distraught because he was desperate to see a magician.

Evening SubStandard claims Liverpool are expected to announce the signings of Lallana (£21m), Lovren (£8m) and Ricky Lambert (£1.5m) on the 1st July.

St Tony

1.) You see this is why we're really going to miss Cortese. Say what you like about the guy but he knew how to organise a kids birthday party.

2.) And you like to call other posts rubbish. Well done!



16 May 2014 09:28:50
All gone quiet. Even the papers that copy and exaggerate other papers reports are not mentioning saints at the moment -is this good or bad? Could be that we're concentrating on our own affairs i. e. sorting MP contract etc. Or, it could be that the board have told the other clubs to silence media connections so not to hurt season ticket sales whilst they finalise sales.


Please please please give us some good news saints. Mp signs new deal and no stars will be sold would be pretty exciting.

St Tony




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I tell you why, £16m is a lot for a player when you have Clyne in the same position.

St Tony



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Ed - do you have any information whether this actually is a FORMAL transfer request, or is it pure speculation based upon this reported e-mail (which I assumed was a 'move forward or let me go' ultimatum)?

St Tony

{Ed002's Note - His representative has confirmed that a transfer request has been submitted.}



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You name 5 midfielders and say we need no more. Clueless some of these comments, just clueless. Whilst I'd agree we have more depth in that position, an injury or 2 and we'll be lacking. Lack of depth stopped halted our points mid season. Sidwell is a good player who works hard, gets stuck in and knows where the goal is. Of our current squad, only Lallana ticks all 3 boxes.

St Tony



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I had a look the other day when I see his name thrown in the hat.

Has a respectable record up until last year when from finishing 4th, Nice barely escaped relegation.

That doesn't always tell the tale as we know with Pochettino having troubles at Espanyol and the likes of Roberto Martinez at Wigan.

For me every contender has pros and cons. It's a hard choice.

For me the 5 main points to consider should be -

- Manner and professionalism
- Ability to keep players happy
- Attractive attacking style
- Credentials in the transfer market
- Integrity if other clubs come calling again

St Tony



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I too have been told moyes was at st Mary's

St Tony




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Pointless questions.

St Tony



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Sorry for their rudeness. You didn't have to write that and I appreciate it. I hope you guys win the league.

St Tony



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Imagine the garbage they delete

St Tony



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Didn't anyone else notice in his brief interview that Rickie put his foot in his mouth. When asked what Gerrard has said to him, he said they've been talking for a few months.

St Tony



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It's got the clueless, classless, childish tone of a Skate comment. All they can do is pop their head up for a second because they're stuck down League 2 without an ice-lolly stick to laugh at.

St Tony